, I'm Henry

Hi 👋, I'm Henry

I help startup founders position and go to market better, faster.

This includes building detailed customer personas, developing clear and compelling messaging, and launching effective go-to-market strategies to drive product adoption at scale.

Ready to work with me?

Research: Understand your customers deeply through research and build customer personas

Strategy: Craft powerful messaging that resonates with your target audience

Execution: Execute an effective go-to-market strategy to reach your customers at scale

About Me

I'm a product marketing leader with 10+ years of experience bringing B2B and B2C products to life.

I've built the marketing function from the ground up at 4 startups, with 2 reaching profitability and 1 exit. I've also scaled growth at established companies like Google.

I'm here to help you take your startup to the next level by helping you build, sell, and market with the customer in mind.

Take your startup to the next level

This sound like you?

You're struggling to define your ideal customer profile and what drives them to take action.

Your messaging is not hitting the mark with your target audience.

You're stuck in a never ending loop of go to market planning and analysis paralysis.

Let's Change the Game

Get crystal clear on who your customers are and what motivates them to buy.

Craft clear and compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience.

Create and execute an effective go to market strategy to drive adoption at scale.

Here's How I Can Help

1. Research

First I'll build a thorough understanding of your market, product, and customers through research, interviews, and surveys.

Then I'll build customer personas to help you understand who your customers are, their biggest goals and challenges, and more importantly - when and how they buy.

their biggest pain points, and more importantly how they discover and evaluate solutions

2. Strategy

Next I'll develop clear and compelling messaging for your product that resonates with each of your customer segments.

Then I'll build an effective go to market strategy that leverages specific organic and paid channels to reach your target customers at scale.

3. Execution

Finally, I'll assemble a lean team to help you execute your go-to-market strategy.

This includes building up your organic channels, amplifying them with paid, and iterating based on real time feedback and performance.

My Rates

I work with startups on a retainer basis.


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